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Quail Hunting Georgia

Quail Hunting Georgia

The Gopher Plantation offers Quail Hunting in Georgia and is located approximately 95 miles from the Jacksonville airport. This makes it very convenient if you’re looking to experience some of the finest quail hunting in the South within driving distance of a major airport. If you are pursuing the thrill of a bobwhite covey rise in plantation cut pines you’ve found the right place. It’s always exciting watching well trained bird dogs point a hidden covey. While you and your quail hunting guide make the approach, a flush dog waits anticipating the command to send the quail heavenward.

Our quail hunting guides are all equipped with the proper training and tools to provide a Southern plantation style quail hunt. While quail hunting at Gopher Plantation the guests can ride on our pull behind dog buggies equipped with bench seats on top. This set up allows the guest to get a bird’s eye view of the plantation on the way to the quail hunting courses. We have 5 quail hunting courses on the property, all of which are manicured and maintained each quail hunting season. Our largest quail hunting course is approximately 50 acres. The quail hunting courses boast beautiful plantation cut pines and great ground cover to offer great shooting opportunities when bobwhites are flushed. The Gopher Plantation crew has food plots planted in these quail hunting courses and sawtooth palmettos dot the landscape as well.

Quail Hunting Georgia

Corporate Quail Hunting in Georgia

Corporate Quail Hunting in Georgia

The Gopher Plantation is perfect for that Corporate Quail Hunting Retreat in Georgia, offering 35 total beds in 3 cabins plus the main hunting lodge. It is also equipped with a game room that doubles as a conference room upon request. Gopher Plantation is unique in that we offer many other corporate hunting retreat opportunities in addition to quail hunting. Many of our past quail hunters have taken advantage of this and added a thermal or spot and stalk hog hunt or taken advantage of the Quail and Duck combination hunt during their stay. Due to offering many other types of hunting we start booking quail hunts in December and run until the end of March.

A Typical Quail Hunting Trip at Gopher Plantation

Typical Georgia Quail Hunting Trip

A typical quail hunting trip at Gopher Plantation begins at 8:30 AM in the morning and lasts until 12:00 noon. Lunch will be served at 12:15 PM and the afternoon quail hunt begins at 1:30 PM and concludes at 5:00 PM.

For those of you that live in driving distance and book a drive-in quail hunt ask about our famous 8:00 breakfast to get your quail hunt started right! All quail hunters that lodge overnight and quail hunt the next morning will be treated to such. We allow our quail hunters to pick between half day and full day quail hunts based upon availability. Lodging and meals are separate from the rates below. Unlike many other plantations there is no limit on the quail harvested by our guest, so this means no extra charge for number of birds killed over a predetermined limit. We also swap our guests' harvested birds for cleaned frozen quail in bags of 6.

Packages for Hunting Quail

Quail Hunting Season: October 1st through March 31st Annually

$12.00 Shooting Preserve License is required if you do not have Georgia Hunting License. All Quail hunters are required to have the appropriate hunting license prior to arrival at camp.

Quail Hunting Packages
  • 2 Person Party ½ Day Quail Hunt $425.00/Hunter 

  • 3 Person Party ½ Day Quail Hunt $400.00/Hunter 

  • 4 Person Party ½ Day Quail Hunt* $375.00/Hunter 

* 2 Hunters shooting/2 non-shooting Hunters on buggy with Quail Hunters alternating.

  • 2 Person Party 1 Day Quail Hunt $785.00/Hunter 

  • 3 Person Party 1 Day Quail Hunt $735.00/Hunter 

  • 4 Person Party 1 Day Quail Hunt* $685.00/Hunter 

* 2 Hunters shooting/2 non-shooting Hunters on buggy with Quail Hunters alternating.

No limit on the number of Quail harvested.

The prices noted for quail hunting include an 8% sales tax. 

Quail Hunting Policy

Quail Hunting

Quail hunting is with experienced guides and top dogs. A day of quail hunting consists of a morning and evening quail hunt with each being approximately (3) hours.

Meals are provided on request at $20.00 each. Lodging and meals for Quail Hunters are $175.00 per day. Please feel free to tip our cooks and housekeepers as gratuities are not included in the meal and lodging prices.

A gratuity of 15% is suggested for Hunting Guides when quail hunting.

DIY Quail Hunts

DIY Quail Hunts

If you own your own quail hunting dogs and need a place to work them, we offer DIY Quail Hunts as well. We will plant the birds on a quail hunting course before you arrive and one of our guides will escort you to the quail hunting course if you have not hunted with us before. If you would like to swap your freshly harvested quail for cleaned frozen birds, we can do that for $2.00 per bird after your DIY quail hunt.

DIY Quail Hunting Packages

DIY Quail Hunting Packages

No quail hunting guide and 1 half day quail hunt

  • 15 Birds $225.00 

  • 30 Birds $325.00 


Hunter cleans own birds or swaps harvested (unprocessed) birds for clean (processed) birds for $2.00 per bird.

Extra Birds can be put out for $8.00 per bird


Lodging and meals are $175.00 per person per day

The prices noted for DIY quail hunts include an 8% sales tax.

Shotgun rental and shells are also available. $30.00 per day for shotgun rental and prices subject to change on shells 

What to Bring on your Quail Hunting Trip:

Quail Hunting Gear
  • Shotgun and shells if you’re not renting ours 

  • Vest to store shells and empties during your quail hunt 

  • Good walking boots 

  • Comfortable clothing with orange on the shirt if possible that’s appropriate for the weather. Check Millwood, Ga for the weather forecast. 

  • An orange hat will be provided on your quail hunt

Quail and Duck Combination Hunts

Quail and Duck Combination Hunts

We offer 3 scheduled Quail and Duck Combination Hunts per hunting season. Normally we do the first scheduled quail and duck combination hunt on the second Saturday in December. The second and third quail and duck combination hunts are normally scheduled for early and late January. If you get lucky enough to get a spot on one of these quail and duck combination hunts you will be in for a treat if you like wing shooting. Years of waterfowl management normally produce an abundance of birds. Most hunters limit out on wood ducks while picking up some additional ducks and geese in certain areas. This quail and duck combination hunt includes lodging and supper the night before the scheduled combination hunt. The hunting guides will meet with the guest and confirm what time to meet in the main lodge for coffee and a continental breakfast.

If you have waders this will increase your chances of being able to wade into some prime spots to catch fast flying wood ducks at daybreak. We also have some other species such as mallards and Canadian geese that make appearances each hunting season. If you only have rubber boots the guides can place you so that you can still get adequate shooting opportunities. After the duck hunt the guest will enjoy a home cooked lunch and then prepare for the afternoon quail hunt. The quail hunt will start at approximately 1:30 PM and last until 5:00 PM. Supper and lodging after the hunt is not provided but can be added if prior arrangements are made.

The price for the Quail and Duck combination Hunts is $1000.00 per person

The prices noted for combination hunts include an 8% sales tax.


Call Ryan at (912-381-1482) for availability and these dates book up fast 

Quail and Duck Combination Hunts

Hunting License for Quail and Duck Combination Hunts

Quail and Duck Combination Hunts

The following are the hunting licenses needed for the quail and duck combination hunts. Ducks are wild migratory birds so all game laws and bag limits will be observed on this combination hunt. Guest will need a federal duck stamp on their person in addition to a Georgia Migratory Bird Stamp and hunting license to duck hunt in Georgia.


Due to Georgia law concerning blanket hunting licenses on hunting preserves, you are required to obtain your own valid Georgia hunting license. Gopher Plantation will have the required hunting preserve license, but you are required to have the appropriate hunting license prior to arrival for your hunt.

Quail and Duck Hunting Gear

What to Bring on your Quail and Duck Combination Hunt:

  • Shotgun with quail loads, as well as steel shot for ducks 

  • Waders if you have them or rubber knee boots 

  • Also hunting gear listed above for Quail hunters

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