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Hunting Lodge

Hunting Lodge in Georgia

Take a Step Back in Time at the Gopher Plantation Hunting Lodge Complex

Hunting Lodge in Georgia

The Gopher Plantation Hunting Lodge Complex is a museum of a typical South Georgia farm as existed around the turn of the century. Outbuildings which include a commissary, log corn crib, smokehouse, syrup boiler, mule drawn cane mill, hog-scalding boiler, and 2-hole outhouse. Many pieces of mule drawn farm equipment are displayed around the area. Many of the turpentine tools and (Herty) catch pots from a by gone era are displayed around the grounds as well.

Due to the Gopher Plantation policy, different parties will never be sharing the same lodging accommodations. We have the luxury of spreading clients out in their own respective hunting lodges. This makes the Gopher Plantation perfect for large groups, corporate retreats, or the small family looking to spend quality time together in the great outdoors. 

Main Hunting Lodge

Main Hunting Lodge

The main hunting lodge is of log construction that utilized materials and methods common in the late 1800's. It took approximately 45 buildings, barns, and structures to acquire enough wood to reconstruct the main hunting lodge. It took our carpenter staff nearly 2 years to complete the renovation of the main hunting lodge. This is a show place of antique furniture and accessories, yet it is accented with the touch of a hunting lodge that’s complete with modern conveniences. The main hunting lodge is approximately 5,600 square feet, and a huge fireplace is nestled in a 1,000 square foot great room. Lodging, dining, and entertainment are provided in this spacious relic of the past. There are 5 guest bedrooms, 10 beds, and 3 bathrooms located in the main hunting lodge. In total there are 36 guest beds located in the main hunting lodge and surrounding cabins. The main hunting lodge is the only structure that has Wi-Fi. The phone service is surprisingly good even though you will be “out in the sticks” away from civilization during your stay.

Guest Cabin Hunting Lodges

Little Cabin Hunting Lodge

The little cabin hunting lodge, as we call it, was the first project that was moved in and restored. This quaint cabin offers 2 rooms, 3 beds, and a full bath, which is perfect for small families or friends.

Big Cabin Hunting Lodge

The big cabin hunting lodge was the next guest cabin that was moved in onsite and restored after completion of the main hunting lodge. The big cabin hunting lodge boasts 4 bedrooms and 2 stories. There are a total of 8 beds and 2 bathrooms in the big cabin hunting lodge. There is one private room in the big cabin hunting lodge that has its own full bathroom.

Tanner Cabin Hunting Lodge

The tanner cabin hunting lodge was moved in and placed onsite with the living quarters on the left and cooking quarters on the right. It’s only a shadow of what the original cabin once looked like. After being moved onsite the 2 sections were connected and an upstairs was added. This spacious hunting lodge cabin offers 13 beds nestled in 6 bedrooms with 4 bathrooms. This hunting lodge cabin is great for corporate hunting retreats where the guests have room to spread out, but they are still close enough to conduct business around the fire pit and in close proximity of the game room that’s located just outside. On the right-hand side of this hunting lodge cabin, you can find a replica stick and clay chimney the likes of what you would have found in that era.

Game Room

The game room is an open style building that furnishes a loft bedroom with 2 beds and a full bath. You will also find a pool table, conference table, and card table inside. This is the only cabin other than the main hunting lodge that boasts a TV. There is a TV located inside and a 65” outside TV facing the fire pit so that you don’t have to miss out on that big game while enjoying your stay with us.

Hunting Lodge Packages

Hunting Lodge Packages

If you’ve ever had the pleasure of hunting with us before we don’t have to say anything you don’t already know. For those of you that haven’t you are in for a real treat. Be prepared to experience true Southern cooking. Guests are treated to home grown vegetables and a taste of the wild with the different game species that are prepared during your stay. Have you ever had homemade biscuits or corn bread? If you have a sweet tooth, you are also in luck because with every lunch and dinner a new dessert will be prepared. A fresh salad is prepared with every dinner meal. Some hunting packages include lodging and meals and some hunts do not. If you go to the respective page of the game you would like to hunt, then you can determine if lodging and meals are included. All meals and lodging are included in our whitetail deer hunting packages. If you have food allergies, please let us know upon booking.

Lodging and meals are $175.00 per day unless they are included in the hunting package 

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